Pension Canine, Dressage et Hydrothérapie

Our services


We offer services following the specific demands of the Client and according to the character of the dog.

  • VetClinic consultation by appointment
  • Dog Training
  • hydrotherapy
  • Socialization
  • Boarding kennel & Training (Roundtrip transportation Vetclinic-Ivato)
  • Kenneling
  • Grooming
  • Roundtrip transportation VetClinic / Kennel
  • Heated pool for winter


Kenneling/Day Care

Permanent kennels according to international standards.
Paddocks are equipped with infrared lights to maintain room temperature for the animals in winter.
The owner lives on the premises.
Morning and evening walks with exercises in the ring.

Dog training

Experienced dog handlers working 24/7 and present round the clock.
A handover between the trainer and the owner is essential before the end of training to get the most out of training and ensure the satisfaction of the owner and to help continue the training at home.
Attack training will not be started until we are not sure of the obedience of the dog and the owner’s control.


Madagascar has around 9 months of hot summer weather per year. Our dogs need good long walks and agility training to keep them fit and build good muscles, there are many days when it is just too hot for them (and for you).
At SSSM KENNELS we prefer to do hydrotherapy on those days… And in fact on all days.

Canine Services Madagascar

We offer a service focused on training, day care, kenneling and boarding, provided by professional staff


Villa Poochini Canine SPA
Mandrosoa Ivato
Antananarivo (101)

Tél: 020 22 415 45


Nos tarifs varient selon la saison
  • Haute saison
  • Basse saison
  • Jours féries
RENDEZ-VOUS : Les clients sont tenus de confirmer leur rendez vous et en cas d'empêchement d'avertir à l'avance par téléphone le responsable du chenil
  • Mr Hery : 034 11 658 80
Tout rendez-vous non annulé sera facturé au client.


Canine Services Madagascar